Tree Transplanting using the Tree Spade


Do you have a special tree that has grown too close to your home and want to move it? Consider our Tree Transplanting service with our 'Big John' 65 Tree Spade. We are able to transplant up 6” caliper trees or 20' tall evergreens. As long as there are no restrictions from the list below in getting the Tree Spade to the tree, this is a great option to consider when wanting to save a mature tree and move it to better spot. Call one of our designers at 937-274-1154 to set up an appointment. Average cost for a single tree transplant is $650, and can drop to as little as $350 per tree with large quantities of trees and easy access. There is no warranty on transplants 


Tree Spade

Length - 372” Width - 102” Height - 149”

Capabilities * Planting or transplanting trees up 6” caliper or 20’ evergreens.

Customer Checklist:

Tree Size- Tree/shrub has a trunk between 2.5" and 6-7" diameter. Trees under 2.5" can be transplanted with smaller equipment and/or by hand. Trees over 6" have decreased survivability, trees over 7" are usually not worth attempting due to survivability

-Steep slopes. Slopes too steep will not allow spade to be used.

-Overhead obstructions. Truck is 12'-6” without the tree in it., the tree usually adds a few feet when in transport


-Any gates, other trees or vehicle obstructions must allow for the truck to pass a 10' minimum opening.

-Spade clearance: the Spade has an 18' spread when open, needs 9' on either side of center of the tree. There must be at least 6' clearance from house/buildings or other permanent obstructions from rear of spade



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