Fall Lawn Care Tips

The fall is the best time to repair holes, brown areas and general damage to lawn.  Lawn seeds germinate better during the cool season.  By over seeding in the fall, the grass will have at least 2-3 months to establish healthy roots before winter arrives.  By following the tips below, next spring your lawn will have more time to grow and fill in before the heat and stress of the summer.


  1. Mow/cut warm season lawns as low as possible without cutting below the green.
  2. Rake out any dead grass from the damaged areas and fill with about an inch of topsoil.
  3. Apply a Starter Fertilizer to damaged areas before lawn seed.
  4. Select your lawn seed as recommended by Siebenthaler’s staff.
  5. Spread lawn seed over damaged areas while also overlapping seed into existing lawn areas. 
  6. Cover with peat moss or top soil – no more than ¼ inch thick and carefully water in avoiding run off.
  7. Water frequently – Being sure to keep the seed area very moist until the seed germinates.  
  8. Apply a light fertilizer after grass has been mowed three times:  this will help your lawn to fill in better and more uniform.
  9. Begin this process while the soil temperature remains warm.  Give the seed as much time as possible to get established before winter.

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