Easter Lily Tips and Care

The Easter Lily is a bulbous plant which should not be considered a permanent house plant. They are perfectly hardy in our zone however, and may be planted outside in a sunny location for enjoyment year after year.

Indoors, Easter Lilies prefer to be in a spot with good bright light but not direct hot sun. The soil should be kept moist and the temperature, particularly at night, should be kept cool. If you allow the soil to dry out or the temperatures to get too high, the flowers won't last as long as normal. The number of flower buds present when the plant is purchased determines lasting time in the home. Another thing that can be done to prolong the life of blooms is removal of the yellow tips (anthers) from the six stamens as soon as possible after the flower opens.

If you wish to keep the plant after the blooms have faded and dried up, continue the above condition plus regular fertilization until the leaves turn yellow. Then cut the stalk down as short as possible. When the weather permits (Mid-May) plant the bulb 6 inches deep in the perennial garden. A site in full sun would be the best.

The bulb will rest until midsummer when green shoots will suddenly appear. By early September you will have Easter Lilies out in your flower garden. If it survives the following winter you can expect it to bloom sometime in July.


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