Snake Plant Tips and Care

Sanseveria, or Snake Plant is one of the most versatile and hardy of the indoor plants. It is a good choice for beginners. Another, rather old-fashioned name you may hear this called by is Mother-In Law’s Tongue.

These plants are very versatile in both size and in growing conditions. You can find them used in small dish gardens all the way up into 14" containers about 42" inches in height. They can handle sunny spots, bright indirect light or tolerate very low light.

Water sparingly…. they are a close relation to succulent plants and holds water in their leaves. Over watering will cause them to rot rather quickly. Fertilize a few times a year using a general houseplant fertilizer, following the directions on the package.

Everything seems to have a downside. Snake Plants are no different. Their downside is weight. Because of their relationship to the succulent family they hold a lot of water. As plants reach 10" and larger in pot size the weight goes up dramatically. I've seen 10" plants that weight 25 pounds or more. Be sure larger plants are in a heavy ceramic or clay pot that can hold them upright.


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