Peace Lily/Spathiphyllum Tips and Care

Spathiplyllum, or Peace Lily will survive low interior light but would prefer bright filtered light. Peace Lilies have been used by interior plantscapers for many years as a ground cover where the light is very low. They should NOT be placed direct sun or they will sunburn.

Keep the plants evenly watered, allowing them to dry slightly between waterings. Over watering will cause the stems and leaves to yellow, then blacken. Under watering will cause the leaves to loose color, and wilt. Chlorine and fluoride in tap water can cause tip burning. Allow your water to sit out overnight or use distilled water.

When grown indoors Peace Lilies have almost no need to be fertilized. An occasional half strength solution of a general houseplant fertilizer will be enough. They enjoy warm rooms between 68-85 daytime temperatures. Cold, drafty conditions will slow growth considerably.

Because of the wide leaves that most spathiphyllums have cleaning the leaves regularly with a damp cloth to remove dust will help not only in appearance but in the overall health of the plant.


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