Cineraria Tips and Care

Here is a blooming plant for indoors that actually looks like a bouquet of flowers.

The tiny daisy flowers are available in some incredible colors including pink, blue, white, red and purple. Some of the blooms are bicolor, with the petal bases a contrasting color. Each bloom has an eye that might vary in color too, making for lots of interesting combinations.

They need lots of bright light, but no direct sun. Artificial lights will help.

When cinerarias are in bloom, they need to stay consistently moist. Avoid allowing any water to stand in the saucer. As they are developing and coming into bloom, keep them just slightly drier. If you have cineraria already in bloom, it doesn't need any additional fertilizing.

Cool temperatures are the key to success with cinerarias. They are cool greenhouse plants and will do their best at daytime temperatures of 55-65 degrees. They do well with average indoor humidity and should not be misted.

As blooms fade, snip them off at the base of the stem. Cinerarias should be considered temporary, seasonal plants.


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