Siebenthaler's 2014 Fall Workshops

 Krazy Kokodamas

Kokodamas translated means 'Moss Ball'. It is the practice of surrounding a root system in a mus cake and then wrapping the whole mess in moss before winding it in string. Participants will be instructed on the proper soil combination and care of these stunning plants. They are wonderful & can stand alone, They also make great gifts!Class Cost:  $30

Friday, August 22nd @ 10:30 am  Centerville Garden Center

Friday, August 22nd @ 1:30 pm    Beavercreek Garden Center

Sunday, August 24th @ 1:30 pm   Centerville Garden Center

Fall Harvest Planter

Fill these adorable barrels with colorful fall foliage. Perennial Autumn  oy will be the thriller surrounded by coleus, mustard greens and other fall plants that enjoy the cooler temperatures. We have a limited number of barrels, so sign up early! Class Cost $40 

Thursday, September 4th @ 10:30 am      Centerville Garden Center

Sunday,  September 7th @ 1:30 pm       Centerville Garden Center 

Side Planted Hanging Baskets

One of my favorite things to do is side plant for a WOW factor. We will be using decorative kale, mums and additional fall flowers for our hanging baskets. Re-use the planter in the spring with flowers such as pansies and again in the summer for a wonder sphere of color. Class Cost: $40 

Wednesday, September 3rd @ 11:30 am  Beavercreek Garden Center

Thursday, September 4th @  1:30 pm Centerville Garden Center

Sunday, September 7th @ 3:00 pm   Centerville Garden Center

'Fall' in Love with StrawberryPots

Stop in the week of September 8th - 14th and plant a strawberry pot full of fall flower and foliage. We will have a planting area set up all week. Bring in your pot or select one of ours.  All our strawberry pots will be discounted 20%. Limited supply of pots, reserve yours early. (Monday- Saturday projects cannot be started after 4:00 pm and not later than 3:00 pm on Sunday.) Class Cost: Cost of the class will be determined by the pot, plants and soil used

Salad Bowl Mania

Back by popular demand! Fall is the perfect time to plant cool loving salad greens. Participants will be filling 12" hanging basket with a variety of plants such as collards, kale, lettuces, spinach, Swiss chard and Italian parsley. These baskets will produce well into the fall and are easily kept out of harm's way from hungry deer and rabbits. Cost: $25

Tuesday, September 16th @ 10:00 am   Centerville Garden Center

Tuesday, September 16th @ 1:30 pm  Beavercreek Garden Center

Sunday, September 14th @ 3:00 pm  Centerville Garden Center 

Sand Cast Leaf

You won't want to miss this one. Learn the proper method of creating a one of a kind sand cast leaf. Return in a few days after it has dried to custom paint or apply a water sealant. This is just the perfect way to spend a fall afternoon.  Talk to us about leaf choices. Class Cost: $40

Thursday, October 9th @ 10:00 am  Centerville Garden Center

Thursday,  October 9th @  1:30 pm  Beavercreek Garden Center

Sunday, October 12th   @ 10:30    Centerville Garden Center

Succulent Sedum

We've added a twist to last year's workshop which will add longevity to the project. Participants will be attaching a variety of succulents and mosses to the top of small pumpkins and squash. We will have the station set up all day so stop in and make one or a dozen. With spritzing and bright light these arrangements could last long enough to adorn your Thanksgiving Day table. Call to reserve a time. Class Cost: Depends on the size fo the project and the number made

Thursday, October 15th @ Centerville Garden Center 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Sunday, October 19th @ Centerville Garden Center  10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Pumpkin Patch Totem Pole*

Just in time for Halloween!  On Saturday Oct. 25th (9:00 -5:00) and Sunday Oct. 26th (11:00 - 4:00) we will be offering our customers the opportunity to select as many pumpkins and gourds they need to adorn a giant re-bar. We will drill the necessary holes at both the Beavercreek and Centerville Garden Centers and then participants will assemble their creation at home in time for Halloween. Cost: $20

*The fun runs out when the pumpkins run out!

Workshops may be canceled if the attendance number is below 6. 



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Sunday 11a - 5p

Excellent job

John and the crew did an excellent job. We are very pleased with the new look of our yard. Thanks so much!!

John H

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